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Fissler Magic Smooth Edge Can Opener


This opener does not leave any sharp edges at the top edge. Instead, after cutting around the periphery, a smooth top edge of the can results. The cutting wh…

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Products Worth Sharing, Best Can Opener Ever, Organic Soap, Drain Cleaner


Side of can openers With this can opener, you will never want to use a top of can opener again. More expensive but will out last top of can openers. No metal…

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Good Cook Classic Safe Cut Can Opener


Safety can opener


This kitchen gadget is a god-send to those of us who are klutzes, or tend to hurt themselves by accident a lot. It’s also good for use by older children, onc…

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Side opening can opener


These side opening can openers sure beat using a hunting knife to open a can. They are even better than a P-38. Use the cleaned can for discretely storing yo…

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Can opener Showdown! Victorinox vs. Wenger


This is just a little comparison between the Victorinox and Wenger can openers. In my opinion the Victorinox comes out on top but the Wenger ain’t half bad e…

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How to repair a can opener. Redneck style.


“Six Broken Can Openers Later” WOOP Black And Decker Can Wrecker!!!!! #redneck Good times..

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Wilton 570-1121 Easy Flex 3-Piece Silicone Spatula Set, Blue


Perfect for all your baking needs. This 3 piece silicone set includes the popular spoon, small and medium spatulas.

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Nemco CanPro Can Opener


This Nemco CanPro commercial can opener is top of the line. It’s stainless steel design makes the job of opening cans quick, easy, safe and sanitary. It leav…

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ZYLISS Can opener


Probably the best can opener in the world! :)

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