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Holiday Gift Guide: Kuhn Rikon Cutting Board and Can Opener in a Gift Basket


See the full review at In this Holiday Gift Guide, Vickie shows a holiday gift basket for any cook on your list featuring the …

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Can Opener Harlan Ky


Jimmy Thomas in Barney getting it done.

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One Touch Can Opener II


It is the automatic can opener with one-touch operation, opening cans in a truly hands-free way. Smartly engineered with battery-operated operation, just one…

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EZ-DUZ-IT Deluxe Can Opener with Red Grips


Model 88 of the “best can opener made”

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This Is: Pampered Chef Can Opener


Mom and I using Pampered Chef’s awesome can opener on a new can on Bush’s Baked Beans. This can opener is truly phenomenal. It attaches to the can from the t…

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Christine the human can opener


Aha, so i found out that i was able to do this at a very young age. My friends called me crazy, and my mom, well all she did was laugh. I find this also hila…

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Cuisinart Deluxe Can Opener (CCO-50N) Demo Video


Learn more: Style, convenience, and power come together in the Cuisinart electric can opener. With…

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Zyliss EasiCan Electric Can Opener, Red


Zyliss EasiCan Electric Can Opener

With just one touch to start and one to stop, the Zyliss EasiCan Electric Can Opener automatically opens your cans in seconds. The small but mighty EasiCan opens any size can’s lid whether small, medium or large–and it cuts from the side so it doesn’t leave any sharp edges.

Zyliss EasiCan At a Glance: Automatically opens cans in seconds One touch start and stop feature for hands-free opening Works on any size can: small, medium and large Cuts from side of can without leaving sharp edges Hygienic – lid never falls into food Wipe with a damp cloth to clean Sleek, low profile design for easy storage Uses two AA batteries (sold separately) Materials: ABS, TPE, Stainless Steel Available in green and red Two year warranty Zyliss EasiCan Opens cans of any size–with one touch. Zyliss EasiCan Zyliss EasiCan Stainless steel blade cuts from the sides to prevent sharp edges Zyliss EasiCan Zyliss EasiCan Zyliss EasiCan

Operating the Easican

1. Place your Can Opener on top of the can with its rim positioned in the groove between the Cutter and the Drive Wheel. (fig.2)

2. With the can on a flat surface, press the Button for about one second and release. The Can Opener will start cutting the can (fig.3).

3. When the cutting has completed, press the Button immediately to reverse the Cutter (fig.4).

4. Make sure the Cutter resets to the start position and the motor stops. Then, lift the Can Opener off the can. The Magnet on the Can Opener will pick up the lld as well for convenience (fig.5).

Zyliss EasiCanCan rim in groove

NOTE: To open the cans with tab, turn them upside-down, so that the Can Opener can work on the lid without tab.

Zyliss EasiCanPress and hold start button to start Zyliss EasiCanAuto cutting, press to stop Zyliss EasiCanLift can opener with lid

NOTE: There is functional sharp edge on the round Cutter which should be treated with care.

Trouble Shooting

Zyliss EasiCanPress the button again If the Can Opener Is jammed due to low battery level or a deformed can rim, press the Button again to activate the reverse function and the Cutter will reset to the start position. (fig.6) If batteries are depleted, the can may not be released by pressing the Button. Slide back the Battery Door and replace 2 AA batteries. The Can Opener should continue the cutting. Press the Button again to reset the Cutter to the start position after cutting is completed. Remember to replace the Battery. Cans with heavy seams and uneven rims may stall the Can Opener. If this happens, follow above procedure to release the can. Start the cutting action just beyond any minor bump or dent in a can.
NOTE: The Can Opener will not open rimless cans or cans with odd corners. Can’s lid may get stuck in the Cutter after the unit stops. You may pull the lid backwards by your hands and the lid will come free from the Cutter. Zyliss Logo Zyliss High Quality Kitchen Tools and Gadgets

Focusing on functionality, durability, design, cleanliness and safety, Zyliss has relied upon a heritage of excellence that began in Switzerland over 60 years ago. Building on this time-held tradition, the company has advanced to produce and distribute kitchen equipment that is world-renowned. Zyliss has pioneered the design of more than 200 kitchen essentials, with quality and engineering that cannot be duplicated.

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Good Cook Safe Cut Can Opener – ((Organonfire – Product Reviews))

01 This video is a product review of the Safe Cut Can Opener by Good Chef. a few extra tags a few extra tags grand theft aut…

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